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Welcome to the Solid State Audio website

Solid State Audio is an audio company which is based in The Netherlands. We sell high-end audio equipment through mail order and we are (worldwide) distributor for a number of audio brands.

Our business concept involves 25+ years of experience in high-performance audio, being: manufacturing - designing - constructing - distributing - consultancy - modifying - research & development - selling. A unique combination of factors that makes Solid State Audio unrivalled in the audio industry. Audio reproduction at the highest level is an art form we like to support firmly and we like to stimulate the inquiring mind of audiophiles worldwide.

We want to hear music in all of our products. Music that sounds pure, rich, detailed and matches the feeling you get from a live performance. Live performance sound and music is the reference for all products we sell.

++ Solid State Audio deicated high-end audio specialists: - Acoustic Solid - AKG - Atoll - Benz Micro - Clearaudio - Densen - Grado - ILODIM - Kimber Kable - Nordost - Original - Oyaide - Rega - Pro-Ject - Stax - TLS AUDIO - Transrotor - Transcriptors - Van den Hul - XLO and many more ++

Products Top Ten:
01 Transrotor ZET-1
02 Symphono+
03 Silverconnect LSP
04 Original Amadeus+
05 Nordost QB4
06 Jungson JA-50
07 Silverconnect SC
08 Rega RS7 Modified
10 Yinboa 4EU