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Based in Tokyo, LYRA is headed by Stig Bjorge from Norway, with American design engineer Jonathan Carr, and Japanese master craftsman Yoshinori Mishima making cartridges and supervising production. All products are manufactured in Japan with microscopic attention to detail under the directsupervision of these three. LYRA products are characterized by advanced design engineering allied with Japanese artisanal craftsmanship and build quality. All our products are developed and crafted to be among the very finest available in their category. Every detail of each LYRA product is thought through and executed with extreme care. LYRA is one of the few audiocompanies with truly original design development capability. Each new product is designed from the ground and up andintroduces meaningful industry-leading advances. All Lyra products at Solid State Audio come with full factory warranty. Lyra from dedicated specialist Solid State Audio.

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Erodion EVO

Erodion EVO

The Erodion is Lyra's MC step-up transformer, and includes a number of proprietary design concepts and connection methods. Every part and assembly is...

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