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Acoustic Solid

Philosophy: Music is like family. First of harmony, Music is life. It all starts with desire. There is always room for more in the heart, for a beautiful, for larger, wrote the late German writer and 1970 Nobel Literature Prize laureate Nelly Sachs Hi-Fi lives like all arts of this never-wollendem tendons, which can always only be temporarily hidden. Do you dream, you will experience the happiness of the music you can give. Listen to music is as a fine vintage wine. Let us introduce you to a world of overwhelming sound. Discover your new LP's, the impressive performance of high technology. The sound unfolds brilliantly, authentically and crystal clear. We produce world-class turntable products on the highest level. As the machine has small, the shape and design both drives set a standard for visually and aurally. With the Optimum Technology, made ​​of cast bearings and Teflon coating, ceramic, ruby​​, we also set new standards in storage technology. Acoustic Solid was the start of a pure real Manufacturbetrieb. From the beginning, was strictly enforced on in-house production, it still further strengthened by the machinery and equipment. All devices are designed and built in house. Only the independence of suppliers guarantees the quality at the highest level. Handmade in Germany. All Acoustic Solid products at Solid State Audio come with full factory warranty. Acoustic Solid from dedicated specialist Solid State Audio.

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Solid Wood Round MPX DO

Solid Wood Round MPX DO

Acoustic Solid - Solid Wood Round MPX DO - deck only (no tone arm + no phono cartridge) The Acoustic Solid Solid Wood Round MPX is a version of our...