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This story began very quietly. It would get louder, yes, later there'd even be rumbles and shouts. Unfortunately it couldn’t be otherwise. But for the moment it was so quiet that we didn't dare speak in anything but whispers and even this single “Psst” sounded like an explosion. It all started with a quite ordinary question: How do I make High End affordable? Uwe Bartel set off looking for a valve amplifier by the direct route, working logically and continuously. The first step, the introduction of the SA-1 valve prestage and the D-150 output stage, still made a very quiet sound in the press but one that couldn't be missed. Then it got a bit louder when Vincent expanded its product range and regularly thrilled the specialist press – and music lovers in particular. The rumble was powerful and certainly justified because the new Vincent products were now electronically redesigned and presented in a solid metal housing. Now the Vincent brand was making a really audible bang in the specialist press and putting prestige brands in the shade again and again. Bartel, the electronics engineer, is constantly surprising everyone with his innovations. So he is always expanding Vincent's product range and always ensures a sensation and a whole lot of noise in the 2-channel electronics sector. Loud and with feeling: Vincent also offers some highlights for the fans of multi-channel in the sector of mono output stages. In combination with the Vincent speakerLine and the cableLine this makes music enthusiasts ... Treat yourself to an extraordinary listening experience! All Vincent Audio products at Solid State Audio come with full factory warranty. Vincent Audio from dedicated specialist Solid State Audio.

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