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Music is the essence of human emotion. And to most of us it is more powerful than the spoken word in expressing love, anger, spirited passion and strong devotion. It is the first and foremost language for feelings. Speech is for the intellect, music is from the heart. This is why music matters so much to you. It evokes feelings, brings back memories and it makes you want to kiss your loved one. Music is the very essence of your passion and your life. We all love music. Therefore, our mission is to re-play music exactly as it was recorded. To create music systems that can preserve and present the full dimension of passion in any kind of music. This has never been possible before due to the limitations of traditional audio systems. That is why "reproduction of music"has become a universal phrase in the hi-fi world. Even the most expensive audio systems affect the colour, the timbre, the immaculate and invaluable emotion of the music. It has been changed and is no longer original. Thus the expression "re-production of music", which actually means copying. Traditional audio systems inevitably add their own "flavour". But the original passion in music cannot be "re-produced". We do not re-produce music. We re-play music with all the passion intact. Nothing added - nothing removed. Our music systems are simply the best to recreate the original musical event exactly as it was recorded. Why? Because our technology is superior. No one has more experience in cutting-edge digital audio than Lyngdorf. Our "crew" counts the best audio designers in the world. If in doubt - just listen. And you will be convinced. Musicians play music as always. Now you can re-play music exactly as it was created. Think about that! Isn't that what everybody has been trying to achieve since hifi was born? Come join the re-play revolution! The Lyngdorf revolution. Welcome! All Lyngdorf products at Solid State Audio come with full factory warranty. Lyngdorf from dedicated specialist Solid State Audio.

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