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Odin Supreme Reference

  • Model: Nordost Odin Supreme Reference
  • Shipping Weight: 2kg

The Odin Supreme Reference Loudspeaker Cable is terminated with Nordost rhodium-plated, beryllium copper, low-mass Z plugs. These low mass connectors offer the very best interface and impedance matching between the cable and the attached components. Odin is also available with special rhodium plated Furutech spade connectors. Odin Supreme Reference Loudspeaker Cable is terminated for Bi-Wire as standard but may be ordered in Shotgun or Bi-amp configurations.

Insulation: High purity class 1.003 extruded Flourinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction: Precision Dual Micro Mono-Filament design
Conductors: 24 x 20 AWG extruded silver over 99.999999% OFC
Capacitance: 9.2pF/ft
Inductance: 0.15uH/ft
Speed: 98% speed of light


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