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  • Model: Kimber Kable Timbre
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Like the natural distinguishing sound of a musical instrument, so is the performance of the Timbre™ interconnect: distinctly transparent, full bodied and harmonically complete. The Kimber Kable hallmarks of three dimensionality and precise image focus are immediately evident. The Timbre uses proven tri-braid field geometry and VariStrand™, Hyper-pure copper conductors, along with a clear fluorocarbon dielectric. Single-ended termination features the latest version of the high performance Ultraplate™ RCA type connectors. WBT® RCA type connectors are also available. Timbre Balanced utilizes "studio grade" XLR type connectors with silver plated contacts.

(Cp) parallel capacitance: 62.1 pF @ 20 kHz
(Ls) series inductance: 0.493 µH @ 20 kHz
(Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.057 Ω
(Xt) total reactance: 0.065 Ω @ 20 kHz
Frequency response ± 0.5 dB dc - 5 MHz

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