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Golden Cross Interconnect

  • Model: Cardas Golden Cross Interconnect
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Golden Cross interconnect is the traditional top of the line. Multi-gauge helical hex-axial, (16.5 awg) Air-Teflon dielectric, air suspension, Golden section, Constant Q, Crossfield, Multi-gauge, litz, double shielding. Extremely popular. Indisputably the world's favorite interconnect cable.

Outside Diameter: .415
Dielectric Type: TeflonŽ, Air
RCA Capacitance: 25.5 pf/ft
XLR Capacitance: 15.5 pf/ft
Discrete Conductors: 174
Cable AWG: 16.5
Shield Type: Double
Conductor Type: Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper Litz

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