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7 NX-705 2x 1.0m XLR

  • Model: Ortofon 7 NX-705 2x 1.0m XLR
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kg

Ortofon Reference 7 NX-705 RCA /XLR plug cable presents dynamic sound with the exceptional tonal quality and resolution.

The best of the Reference series, this interconnect cable is made of the three strands of the ultra pure copper, 7N OFC, OFC wires. The Ortofon know-how made it possible to develop this high performance cable while keeping the production cost low.

It has a gold plated XLR terminal and a rhodium plated RCA terminal. Those terminals are so designed that they do not touch each other even at the tight space at the back of the amplifier.

Technical data:

Conductor cross section: 2 x 2.0 mm sq.

Conductor's material: 7N OFC, OFC

Cable diameter: 9.4 mm

RCA plug diameter: 13.5 mm

RCA conductor treatment: Rhodium plated

XLR conductor treatment: Gold plated

Conductor resistance: 9.4 milli-ohms

Di-electric strength: ac 1,000 v/min

Stray capacitance: 448 pF/m

Insulation: PE, PVC


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