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Ultra 4b AES/EBU

  • Model: XLO Ultra 4b AES/EBU
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Compatible with the high performance digital standard of the Audio Engineering Society (USA) and the European Broadcaster’s Union. Ultra’s unique self-shielding design uses differential inductance to cancel EMI and RFI without the need for conventional shielding in all but extreme noise applications. This results in noticeably improved imaging and detail. Ultra 4b is excellent for all balanced line applications and is hand-terminated with XLO’s own proprietary 24K direct gold-plated Brush-Wellman Alloy XLR connectors.

Symmetrical Field-Balanced™ winding geometry
4N (99.994% pure) OFHC solid-core conductors
Aerospace-grade PTFE dielectric insulation used throughout
Terminated with XLO's low self-inductance XLR connectors

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