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Mega-Link | 75 Ohm

  • Model: Straight Wire | Mega-Link | 75 Ohm
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Straight Wire | Mega-Link | 75 Ohm | AES/EBU Digital Cables

MEGA-LINK is a premium silver digital 75 ohm coaxial cable that offers remarkable performance attributes for discerning audio/video enthusiasts. This cable was designed for premium (level 3) digital data applications. It provides near constant phase angle for highest quality Spdif digital signal transmissions.

MEGA-LINK combines a laboratory grade solid silver (99.99%) center conductor with consistently super - foamed polyethylene insulation to carefully control the impedance of all digital data. Dual silver plated braid and foil shields are carefully constructed to eliminate all forms of interference and maintain consistent 75 ohm impedance.

Available with premium PTFE insulated RCA or BNC terminations.

Clear Jacket over Black Braid with Blue Tracers
6.6mm (.26") diameter

BMG (Balanced Mega Link) Composed of individually insulated strands with 15% silver/85% OFHC copper that are precision insulated with a gas expanded PE and carefully twisted with fillers to maintain the 110 ohm impedance specification. Dual shielded with extremely high braid coverage and then a woven layer of anti-static black fiber before the clear outer protective jacket. XLR or HD26 termination available.

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