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Valhalla Phono

  • Model: Nordost Valhalla Phono
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Just like digital signals, those from your tonearm have their own, precise electrical demands. The Valhalla tonearm cable is optimized specifically for the task of passing the smallest and most fragile signal in your system, the output of a typical moving-coil cartridge being around 10,000 times smaller than many CD players. With such tiny signal levels, the quality of the conductors, connectors and the termination itself are all critical to realizing the performance of a high-quality analog replay system. The cable's position, right at the head of the signal chain makes it critical too, and ordinary interconnects an unacceptable compromise.

The Valhalla tonearm cable's conductors are created in the same silver plated, solid 99.999999% OFC copper as the other Valhalla cables, but ideally dimensioned and configured for their task. Wound in a single tubular construction that includes a dedicated earth wire, the cable is available terminated to match any tonearm or phono-stage input.Standard terminations include Din-type and WBT NextGen RCA connectors, to suit the vast majority of tonearms and termination boxes. In addition, balanced terminations employing gold-plated XLRs are available to special order, as are other configurations, as long as appropriate connectors can be sourced or supplied.

Used in conjunction with the Valhalla internal wiring used by many tonearm manufacturers, the new external tonearm cable finally enables high-quality analog systems to employ the same cable technology from cartridge pins to speaker inputs, achieving a new level of consistency when it comes to the low-loss transfer of the most fragile audio signals of all.

CONSTRUCTION: Micro Mono-Filament
CONDUCTORS: 78 microns of extruded silver over a 99.999999% OFC solid-core
PROPAGATION DELAY: 87% speed of light
DIMENSIONS: 8mm (1/4) diameter


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