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  • Model: TLS Audio | Powerconnect
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TLS Audio Powerconnect low loss high current mains cable featuring heavy silver plated OFC copper conductors and Teflon insulation.

Multiple high purity heavy silver plated Teflon insulated conductors are interwoven into a in a defined pattern to eliminate RF noise and to prevent mechanical resonances.

High current conductors that can handle 40 amps continuously and high quality connectors from Wattgate are used to minimize losses and voltage drop.

Music emerges from a pitch-black background with a sovereign power delivery and control, very high resolution and creating a large clear and accurate soundstage.

TLS Audio Powerconnect is terminated with high quality Schuko and IEC connectors from Wattgate.

Hand made in Holland.

24 months TLS Audio warranty.

Please contact us for custom lengths or custom terminations.

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