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LE2-10 AC

  • Model: XLO LE2-10 AC
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Type LE2-10 AC Power Cord improves the sound of amplifiers, receivers, CD players and CD transports, and makes a big difference in the picture quality, detail resolution and color balance of any kind of TV set, video projector, or DVD player. It’s a very significant step in achieving the full potential of even the very best audio or Home Theater System.
Advanced technology protected by U.S. Patent Number 7,170,008
Symmetrical Field Balanced™ winding geometry
10 AWG, 6N (99.99998% pure) PCOCC (Pure Copper, Ohno Continuous Cast), individually insulated copper (mixed array; round strands plus rectangular solid core) conductors; XLO's original proprietary treatments plus multi-step high-intensity degaussing and full cryogenic treatment reconfigures the dynamics of cable and connector molecular structure for improved performance
Exclusive bi-metallic double-shielded and double-grounded construction for broader bandwidth EMI and RFI rejection
XLO™ electrical safety certified with UL approved connectors; UL certification of improved cable design has been filed for and is expected shortly
Terminated with premium XLO 15A/125VAC NEMA AC plugs and matching IEC connectors, featuring special OCC copper contacts; Connector shells are proprietary precision machined and anodized non-conductive aluminum alloy; Other XLO™ Premium connectors are also available
XLO™ cable identification ring with serial number for cable authenticity

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