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HTCV Silver

  • Model: XLO HTCV Silver
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Component video goes beyond even S-video to bring you better picture and enhanced resolution. Red, Green, and Blue, signal elements (the components of all of the colors seen on a video screen) are separated and actually carried by separate specially-designed cables of a special Component video “set”. Each individual cable is hand-terminated with XLO’s own impedance-correct 75 Ohm gold plated connectors.
Silver-clad, 4N (99.994% pure) OFHC copper center conductors
Ultra-low capacitance LDPE dielectric insulation
Bi-metallic shielding (silver-clad, 4N OFHC braid + aluminum Mylar® foil) for maximum protection against EMI and RFI
Pressure extruded, high stability protective outer jacket
Terminated with XLO's precision machined, 24K gold-plated 75 Ohm RCA connectors

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