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  • Model: Van den Hul RGB-5-75
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From our AV product range we are proud to present our RGB-5-75, a high performance RGB(HV) video cable:

The RGB-5-75 is suitable for transport of the analog RGBHV (usually referred to as just RGB) video format’s five separate video signal components in High-Definition TeleVision (HDTV) / Digital TeleVision (DTV) applications;

From: HDTV sources (HDTV/DTV receiver/tuner/decoder) or any other RGBHV video source (such as from high-end DVD players)
To: HDTV or HD-compatible displays, plasma panel screens or other monitors and projectors with five-wire RGBHV inputs

To ensure a clean, clear and sharp image with superb color definition, excellent contrast and fine detail, even when using longer cable runs, great care has been paid to this cable’s design:

The RGB-5-75 is made-up of five separate high quality, low-loss coaxial 75 Ohm video lines which transport the split Red, Green and Blue color information (RGB) and Horizontal and Vertical synchronization (HV) signals. The corresponding video line jackets are respectively colour coded red, green, blue, white and black.
Precise manufacturing of the coaxial lines minimizes signal delay differences to keep all colour and synchronization information perfectly aligned.
The coaxial lines’ special internal cell-PE insulation material and the dense silver coated Matched Crystal oxygen free copper cores plus shields minimize signal losses (attenuation) and provide a high transmission bandwidth.
In addition, the five internal coaxial lines are contained within a 100% closed extra shield to prevent any image quality degredation due to interference from external noise.
A rugged purple-red coloured HULLIFLEX ® jacket furthermore provides excellent protection against mechanical and environmental influences.

Our ready made AV units are available in 10x lead BNC-to-BNC connector version, fit with our colour band coded, special quality, heavy gold plated BNC - 4.0 connectors.

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