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Da Vinci Jumper Set

  • Model: CrystalConnect | Da Vinci Jumper Set
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CrystalConnect Art Series | Da Vinci Jumper Set.

The Art series - the first new cable range under the new CrystalConnect brand name - offers significant improvements in sound quality thanks to the development and implementation of new technologies.

The latest advances in conductor metallurgy have improved electrical performance so much that we have been able to completely redesign the cables, with all-new construction and significantly superior performance.

Every Art Series cable employs our new tenth generation, Infinite Crystal Silver (iCS) conductors. The increased conductivity and reduced micro distortions totally transformed the options open to us in designing and building our cables. iCS has allowed us to reduce the number of signal conductors, reducing total distortion and capacitance. It has allowed us to embrace the low-noise benefits of asymmetric grounding in our interconnects. It has led to the development of the entirely new, Cross Balanced Construction for both our speaker cables and power cords. It has revolutionised the topology throughout the Art Series. It delivers results that are as measurable as they are audibly superior. It lets you hear more information and places that information where it belongs; it preserves pitch and pattern; it elevates musical performance to a new and unprecedented level. It is the ultimate connection to your recordings and the music they contain.

The Art Series offers three levels of price/performance, starting with Monet, then Van Gogh and finally, the flagship Da Vinci cables. Each level offers a complete range of power, interconnect, speaker and digital cables, along with an Art Series Network Cable. Every cable in the Art Series uses our latest, solid, Infinite Crystal Silver conductors and the same advanced construction and insulation materials. Consistent construction means that you can easily combine cables from different levels to match system priorities.

A CrystalConnect Jumper set consists of 4 pieces.

Length: 20 cm.
Diameter: 3 x 3.0 mm.

Available connectors:

- CrystalConnect | Da Vinci, Banana > Banana.
- CrystalConnect | Da Vinci, Spade > Banana.
- CrystalConnect | Da Vinci, Spade > Spade.

<<< Different CrystalConnect cable lengths available upon request >>>

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