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AVt 2 Subwoofer

  • Model: MIT AVt 2 Subwoofer
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kg

Eliminate the need to coil up and hide excess cable behind or under your equipment! This easy to use kit includes an audio Y-connector for connectivity to any powered sub, and an AVt networked interface for a deeper, tighter bass. RCA to RCA.

Features & Benefits:

MIT's Patented Multipole Network Technology— Provides 4 Articulation Poles for improved bass extension!
Varilay(r) construction with 99.9999% OFC copper conductors— Pure materials deliver lower resistance for improved performance.
Teflon(r) insulation— Reduces non-linear dielectric-based distortions for superior low level detail & superior sound.
Dual shields— Provide superior noise rejection for improved low level detail.

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