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  • Model: Srax SR-009
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg

The STAX SR-009 Open Back Headphones feature a newly developed Diaphragm with Super Engineering Plastics, Electrodes with Multi Layer Electrodes (MLER), Light Weight Aluminum Enclosure, Hand-Crafted Lamb Leather Earpads and 10-Click Slider Headband.

"The Stax SR-009 is one of, if not the best all-around headphone I have owned or heard. I own many of the vintage (Sennheiser HE90, Stax SR-Omega, Stax SR-007 Mk 1&2, Sony MDR-R10) and some great modern production (Sennheiser HD-800, Audeze LCD-2 r2) high-end phones. While all of these phones are excellent and excel in certain areas, the SR-009 is very competent in all places, from Classical to Rock. The sound is engaging and musical, making me forget the headphones at times. Bass is tight and quite deep, vocals realistic, highs defined but not harsh. The fit and finish are also top notch, very comfortable to wear for extended listening. Stax has a real winner in the SR-009." - Andrew K., actual Elusive Disc customer

Particular attention has been paid to the rigidness and stiffness of structure of the STAX SR-009 Open Back Headphones. New MLER electrode in the diaphragm is a complicated manufacturing process where 3 layers are assembled together by a heating process. While this makes it thicker than the Omega 2 (1 layer), thin layer electrodes are affected by low frequency resonances. This process is 3 times harder and 6 times longer to make than traditional STAX earspeakers!

STAX Japan had a special public listening event and reports are as follows:
The tonal balance is different from the Omega 2 series, the SR-009 is tonally neutral! Very present top end without etch-sound, tight bottom, fast, quick sound and dynamics are improved! Overall... people were very impressed!

Newly developed sound element has been adopted in the STAX SR-009 Open Back Headphones. This new High Polymer Ultra-Thin Film Material is called Super Engineering Plastics. Super Engineering Plastics is a reinforced and much thinner material than conventional engineered plastics which is used for the diaphragm of the sound element. This and other superior materials have been selected which result in a vast dynamic range, excellent tone quality and frequency characteristics from low to super-high!

New electrodes called MLER (Multi Layer ElectRodes) have been developed, using ultra-precision photo etch and high tech heat diffusion, to realize the plane drive of the whole film diaphragm surface. While infinite thinness and flatness are required for the fixed electrodes, they simultaneously need to have other characteristics such as low resonance, high transmissivity of sound wave, and so on. These entirely new electrodes have been completed through the unification of metal plates processed with ultra-procision phtograph etching using the high technology of heat diffusion combination on the atomic level.

Precision Machined Light-Weight Aluminum is used to help realize high-quality sound and rigidity.

Silver plated, High Purity Copper Wire 99.9999% (Audiophile Grade)

Newly designed, Hand-Crafted Lamb Leather is used for the earpads for hours of comfort.

Newly designed 10-click slider mechanism for optimal wear and comfort. (Also used on the STAX SR-507 Lambda Open Back Headphones)

Type: Push-pull electrostatic circular sound element, open-air type enclosure
Frequency Response: 5-42,000Hz
Capacitance: 110pF (including cable)
Impedance 145kohm (including cable at 10kHz)
Sound pressure sensitivity 101dB / input 100Vr.m.s / 1kHz
Max sound pressure level: 118dB / 400Hz
Bias voltage: 580V DC
Earpad: Genuine leather (Lamb)
Cable: Silver-plated 6N (99.99999%) OFC low-capacity wide cable 2.5m
Weight: 596g, (454g without cable)


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