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A8 | Ear Speaker

  • Model: Cardas A8 | Ear Speaker
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg

Cardas A8 | Ear Speaker

An all new design, the A8 Ear Speakers feature a 10.85mm Ultra Linear, Contour
Field, Dual Magnet Driver - producing brilliant highs and deep bass - but most importantly, it sounds musical. The new black chrome body incorporates a Golden Spiral curve, as with the EM5813. The lightweight, flexible cable has separate conductors
for each channel and is now a continuous solid run from source to speaker.

Cardas Ear Speaker models are original George Cardas designs, with Cardas cables.

The body is machined from brass, and feature Golden Spiral curves. A8's body is plated with black chrome.

The A8 has a 10.85mm Ultra Linear, Contour Field, Dual Magnet Driver. The A8 is cabled with an all new spiral cable that is extremely light, flexible, and strong.

Available with balanced or custom configurations. Comes terminated with 3.5mm TRS standard.


Driver Type: Ultra Linear Dynamic 10.85mm
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 110 db
Isolation: -20 db
Connector Type: 1/8 TRS or balanced
Cable: Golden ratio, 99.99% pure Litz copper
Cable length: 46/116cm
Weight: 31.2 grams including cable

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