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  • Model: Oyaide STB-MS
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Oyaide STB-MS vinyl stabilizer

「STB-MS」is the original vinyl stabilizer produced with innovation concepts. It is composed by detachable 10 parts and its weight is changeable by the number of the weights for your best timbre tuning. And, the optional carbon weight, 「STB-CM」, can be equipped according to you preference. Furthermore, it can be used for EPs by flipping it upside down.

The「STB-HW」is the heavy-weight model which is the heaviest vinyl stabilizer on the market when it is full-weighted condition. It enhances the tracing ability of the groove to the maximum.

STB-MS/HW is composed by 10 parts and can be assembled/disassembled by users. (top disk x 1, bottom disk x 1, weight x 6, central axis x 1, weight spacer x 1)

The total weight is customizable for your favorite timbre tuning. In addition, with Oyaide original turntable sheet 「MJ-12」, it generates a synergistic effect for better sound quality.

STB-HW disassembled
The hybrid material of aluminum, brass and silver carbon
The combination of the hybrid material of aluminum, brass and silver carbon optimizes the vibration mode. It attenuates vibrations by platter rotation and enhances the trace of the grooves. Furthermore, the silver carbon weight spacer damps mutual interference of vibration. The STB-MS/HW extracts information on the vinyl maximally.
Exchange for optional carbon weight 「STB-CM」 (only for STB-MS)

For the record players by float suspension
It conform with a record player by float suspension such as 「LINN LP-12」.

Woriking as the EP stabilizer by upside down
STB-MS/HW can be used as an EP stabilizer by upside down. Due to the convex with tapered edge, it fits smoothly to the donuts hole of EP records.


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