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  • Model: Okki Nokki | One
  • Shipping Weight: 7kg

Okki Nokki | One, The classic among record washing machines.

In 2020, after 15 years Okki Nokki presents the third generation of it's record washing machine, which is probably the most popular among vinyl fans. The Okki Nokki ONE is a completely new model.

- New housing concept:
While the first generation of Okki Nokki was still equipped with a coated wooden housing, the second generation was changed to an aluminum compound housing. With the current third version, Okki Nokki is again taking a big step forward. The Okki Nokki ONE consists of a high-quality plastic housing with double wall technology assembled from two shells.

- Super quiet:
Despite the enormous suction power, the new Okki Nokki ONE is very quiet, and the suction noise is in a tone range that is rather pleasant for human perception. The new housing with double wall technology enables the introduction of highly efficient sound insulation. In addition, the powerful suction turbine is housed in an extra soundproof area. The intelligent, streamlined airflow does the rest.

- Very easy one-button operation:
The machine is operated with a multi-function button on the top of the machine. Turning to the right or left determines the direction of rotation of the plate and the metal button in the middle is used to switch the suction on and off.

- All-in-one suction arm:
The newly developed suction arm of the Okki Nokki ONE is also suitable for 7 inch and 10 inch vinyl records. The arm can be easily adjusted to the different plate diameters using a small lever. This means that the Okki Nokki ONE is prepared as standard to clean maxi and singles with the high Okki Nokki quality. Of course, the reduced use of the machine required for singles is included.

- Large and small turntable platters:
Many professionals swear by the large platter because it shows resistance when manually cleaning with the brush and thus the pressure can be metered better depending on the degree of contamination. Recently, however, the small plate, which is only the size of the record label, has become increasingly popular with many vinyl fans. Okki Nokki therefore decided to simply add both plates to the new machine. The two turntable plates can be quickly replaced by simply removing and plugging them in.

- Record clamp with label cover:
A high-quality record clamp with metal knob and label cover is included in the scope of delivery.

- Level indicator:
The drain hose also serves as a level indicator. It is elegantly placed in a side recess in the housing.

Scope of delivery:

- Two different sized (small and large) turntable platters
- All-in-one extraction arm
- Reduction insert for singles
- Record clamp with label cover
- Dust cover
- Cleaning concentrate for 1.0 liter of cleaning liquid
- Goat hair cleaning brush
- Power cord

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