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Merlo Reference

  • Model: Transrotor | Merlo Reference
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kg

Transrotor | Merlo Reference | Low-output MC phono cartridge.

The Transrotor MC Merlo Reference pickup is based on the famous Goldring Elite. With a special harmonic diamond cut, this MC pickup offers a hands-on life experience.

Thanks to the refined harmonic diamond cut, the Transrotor Merlo Reference has a fantastic spatiality and a relaxed and rich detailed resolution.

Compared to the little brother Cantare this sampler dissolves much better also huge sounding body. The live experience is almost tangible. Again, the installation is simple, the adjustment is not critical for anyone.


Principle: MC
Cut: Harmonic
Weight (gr): 5.70
Support force (mN): 18.00
Output voltage (mV): 0.50
Attachment: half-inch
Compliance (μm / mN): 18.00

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