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  • Model: Van den Hul CANARY
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With The CANARY we have added new sublime plumage to our famed phono cartridge program.

The CANARY is a top quality moving coil phono cartridge, custom handbuilt by A.J. van den Hul.
It features a very healthy 0.55 mV output, matched crystal gold-wire coils and an open resonance-free construction.

With exceptionally good price to performance and placed one step above our renowned The FROG , this cartridge sets new standards in replay precision and fidelity.

A few of The CANARY's properties:

Extremely accurate soundstage instrument positioning due to incorporated new technology.

Very flat frequency response without noticeable colorations.

Very high cross-talk damping.

Reduced sensitivity to load impedance variations.

Its front-pole protects the short cantilever, making it less sensitive to small handling mistakes.

A strong AlNiCo magnet produces a very clean sound that is also the trademark of its predecessors The COLIBRI and The CONDOR.

A very sturdy cantilever support strongly damps partial vibrations.

Its nylon body further damps all mechanical resonances and reduces their emission to the tone-arm.

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