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DS-E1 | Cartridge

  • Model: DS Audio | DS-E1 | Cartridge
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DS Audio | DS-E1 | Optical Phono Cartridge.

The DS-E1 is DS Audio’s first entry model product.

DS-E1 has a wire suspension mechanism which is the same design as DS Master1 and DS-W2 and DS002 By implementing it, you realize high channel separation and stable music playback. Moreover, by arranging the position of the slit at the position close to the needle point, it is possible to retrieve information with higher freshness. Aluminum Cantilever with Elliptical needle.

Like the more expensive DS Audio cartridges, the DS-E1 cartridge body is machined from aluminum and echoes their distinctive design for best optical performance. The DS 002 features an aluminum cantilever and Elliptical needle to accurately reproduce the music recorded on the vinyl record album. Small size, big performance.


Signal output Photo-electric Conversion
Channel separation: 24db more(1KHz)
Weight: 8.1g
Output signal level: 50mV more
Canti-lever: Alminum
Body material: Alminum
Needle pressure: 1.6g~1.8g(1.7g is recommended)
Stylus: Elliptical Needle

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