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DS Grand Master | Equalizer

  • Model: DS Audio | DS Grand Master | Equalizer
  • Shipping Weight: 54.9kg

DS Audio | DS Grand Master | Equalizer / Phonostage.

The quest for analogue utopia comes to an end. Enter the next generation... enter Grand Master.

The DS Audio Grand Master equalizer features separate equalizer and power supply units, each contained in completely independent housings. The use of 2.34 million uF and 2.97 million uF electrolytic capacitors within the equalizer and power supply units respectively has resulted in a significantly stronger power supply design and made improved reproduction of deeper low frequencies possible. In addition to this, the Grand Master equalizer incorporates special film capacitors custom built to DS Audio’ s specifications and non-induction winding resistors. The design features a
total of three transformers, each with a capacity 1½ times greater than that of the DS Master 1. One each, for the left and right channels, with the third handling the power supply to the optical cartridge.

The Grand Master equalizer offers both single ended RCA and balanced XLR outputs and a total of 6 optional low frequency cut off points in order to allow the Grand Master to be tailored to marry seamlessly with any hi-fi system.


Output voltage: 700mV(1kHz)
Output impedance: RCA 120Ω XLR 120Ω
Pre amp input impedance: More than 10kΩ
Input terminal: RCA terminal
Output terminal: RCA terminal×3, XLR terminal×3
Size: W45.2cm×H15.2cm×D48.6cm(Both)
Weight: 25.1kg(Equalizer unit), 29.8kg(Power unit)

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