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  • Model: Luxman | LMC-5
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Luxman | LMC-5 | MC cartridge (without headshell and cables).

The LMC-5 is the first LUXMAN cartridge in almost 40 years, after the LMC-1 in 1981 and the LMC-2 in 1982. When developing the LMC-5, we focused on the stylus and the boom, to enable reliable reading of the groove and the finest music signals that are on the record. The carefully crafted housing firmly supports every movement and suppresses deformation and squeaking. We have thoroughly reviewed the materials and structures for the major parts that make up the audio transmission stage of each channel. the audio transmission level of each channel, e.g. B. the linear power generation machine that converts vibrations into electrical signals. converts electrical signals.

Through repeated trial productions to fine-tune details, we ensured that the development work on other components, such as B. our amplifiers to successfully achieve the high-fidelity playback of analog records. Enjoy the uplifting experience of the highest quality analog record playback with the LMC-5, individually assembled by the most talented artisans in cartridge manufacturing.

A needle is considered the acoustic equivalent of a microphone, so resonances should be considered and reflected sound from around the device should be thoroughly suppressed. The LMC-5 has a structural chassis with inverted oval curves to reduce resonances and reflections. A carefully reduced housing structure with minimal outer wall weight works as a countermeasure against resonance. Housing design is made of alumite, colored in deep red, the corporate color of LUXMAN.


Internal impedance: 4.7Ω (1kHz)
Suitable pressure: 2.1 to 2.3g (2.2g as standard)
Output voltage: 0.4mV (1kHz 、 3.54cm / sec.)
Frequency range: 10Hz to 35kHz
Channel separation / balance 28dB (1kHz) / 0.5dB (1kHz)
Recommended load resistance (if Preamplifier is connected): 40Ω or more
Recommended load resistance (with Connection of a step-up transformer): 2.5 to 10Ω
Dynamic compliance: 8 10-6 cm / dyne (100Hz)
Needle point / shape: Full diamond / SHIBATA needle
Vertical tracking angle: 25
Magnet: Samarium Cobalt Magnet BH20
Coil: 30μm UEW
Magnetic circuit components: Pure iron
Housing: aluminum A6063
Dimensions: 17.0 (W) 18.3 (H) 21.3 (D) mm (without terminals) M2.6mm 2
Weight: 8.5g

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