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F-1-20 IEC

  • Model: Oyaide F-1-20 IEC
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If your an audiophile that demands the best from his hifi gear you need to set your eyes on the Oyaide F1. The Oyaide F1 is oyaides flagship model. It evolved from the concept of the P/C series.The engineers at oyaide designed a "more hi-end model"spending more than a year from to plan.

It is an attractive design and moreover offers true high-performance. The dual monocoque housing with Delrin and aluminum has distinguished mechanical strength. Furthermore, it is an excellent vibration attenuation characteristic and a low noise. The electrode part newly used the beryllium copper.We did much audition tests for plating. As a result, oyaide chose two layers of platinum + palladium plating.

The M1/F1 was united a lot of characteristics and held to uncompromising standards. It gives a strong impression by dynamic sound and the audience will become fascinated with the perfect sound.The M1/F1 is best power,more dynamic,graceful and the ultimate refinements.

M1/F1 became an ultimate product because each of the material is splendid harmony .The inner housing adopted the delrin with an excellent characteristic and electric insulating.The outer housing adopted 50 series aluminum alloy of the good balance. This is done cutting of from a stick of 40mm by NC machining. As for it, 80% - 85% are subjected to the disposal to make one part. (delrin 90g?20g / aluminum 190g?25g)The combination of parts completely matches by a cuting of great precision.

F1/M1 is a flagship model of excellent performance and safety. The beauty of the design was born by the function pursuit. The inner housing adopts the Delrin of an excellent electric insulation characteristic and an excellent machine characteristic.The high rigidity body achieved the high-speed vibration attenuation. The outer cover adopted aluminum to reduce a noise.Because the connected parts is the possibility that the disorder of the magnetic field is generated, and is weak for the coming from outside noise. The outer cover adopted aluminum to reduce a noiseA combination of these materials damps unnecessary vibration and realizes high S/N. The back cable insertion entrance is the maximum 17mm.

The body of F1/M1 used high engineering plastics material PBT+GF30%. The body of a high rigidity achieved the high-speed vibration attenuation. Moreover, all the screws are original made of the stainless steel. A stainless screw with a high rigidity does not have the trouble by strong torque.(Collapsing of head of a screw ,etc.) The maximum cable installation size is 10sq(5.5sq×2pieces). Pulling strength of a blade and a cable is more than 30kg.A cable does not easily fall out.

We thoroughly tested several dozen combinations of plating methods, selecting the very best, platinum + palladium, for our flagship model, the F1/M1. The first layer is 0.5 µ (microns) of Platinum, followed by the second layer of Palladium which is 0.3 µ in thickness. The initial shaping of the contact is done via an automated mill. This is followed by a manual polishing which is done before the first direct plating layer and again before the final plating. We completely make it because of simplicity. It is philosophy and a craftsman ship of Oyaide elec.

This process is unique and unparalleled and achieves a mirror finish. The use of Beryllium Copper provides a high level of conductivity and at the same time a high level of mechanical integrity, both appropriate qualities for a flagship level product. Heat treatment is applied to enhance its machine-ability. Its rigidity and thickness (1.0mm thick and 6.0mm wide) increases the holding capacity of the plug to 8kg and minimizes vibrations which would otherwise degrade the transmission of energy.


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