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  • Model: Ming Da MC-PHONO
  • Shipping Weight: 10kg

Ming Da MC-PHONO vacuum tube MM-MC phono amplifier.

The chassis of the Ming Da MC-PHONO is made by the Japanese Fanuc CNC machining company and features a body of 6mm aluminium alloy. Feet are made of aluminum alloy supporting good mechanical decoupling.

Main components are carefully selected and imported such as JJ brand tubes as well as Jensen capacitors from Denmark are used. The raw materials are imported from Japan, steel, ALPS potentiometers and transformer wire.

The Ming Da MC-PHONO is hand crafted and undergoes stringent quality checks before it reaches the end user.


MM Level: 1mv
MC Level: 0.1mv
MM Intput Impedance: 47K
MC Intput Impedance: 100Ω
MM Voltage Gain: 60dB
MC Voltage Gain: 80dB
MM Signal-to-Noise: 90dB
MC Signal-to-Noises: 78dB
Vacuum Tubes: 6N6×2 6V6×1 12AT7×1 6N11×4 12AU7×1


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