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Phono Pre

  • Model: Acoustic Solid | Phono Pre
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg

Acoustic Solid | Phono Pre | Audiophile Phono Pre-Amplifier.

Acoustically sound: You can not describe this phono pre-amp in better than those two words. This inconspicuous-looking phono stage has it all!

Outstanding adaptability of all types of cartridges through a total of 6 channel-separated dip switches, where the gain between 32 and 64 dB, the resistance adjustment between 47 kOhm and in 10-ohm increments between 50 and 680 Ohm can be made. In addition, there is a fine-grained capacity adjustment available for users of MM systems.

Technical Details:

Frequency response: 10 Hz - 20 kHz (+-0,2dB)
Distortion: < 0,005%
Signal-to-noise: > 99 dBA bis > 76 dBA relative to 2 V rms Rated output voltage depending on gain
Crosstalk attenuation: > 103 dB relative to 2 V rms Rated output voltage
Input impedance per Input: 50 Ohm ... 680 Ohm in 10 Ohm stseps and 47 kOhm
Input capacitance per Input: 100 pF ... 600 pF in 50 pF steps
Amplification: +32dB ... +64dB at 1 kHz in 4 dB steps
Output Level: 10 V rms max.
Output current: 35 mA rms max.
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Dimensions: 140 x 64 x 178 mm
Weight: approx. 1 kg

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