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  • Model: Ikeda | IST-201
  • Shipping Weight: 4kg

Ikeda | IST-201 | Audiophile MC step-up transformer.

A transformer for low-loss MC cartridges. The low-impedance MC cartridge can demonstrate its true ability with a high-quality transformer. It is possible to bring out the performance of various cartridges including the IKEDA9 series.

The newly developed Step-Up transformer IST-201 is best suitable for low impedance 1ohm - 6ohm MC cartridges. These low impedance cartridges will be able to work at their full potential by virtue of this high quality MC transformer.

IST-201 is the ideal transformer with a lesser internal loss so that you will be able to enjoy a supreme sound in combination with IKEDA 9 series and our flagship KAI cartridges as well as other brands of low impedance cartridges.

The body of the transformer is made of high efficiency core materials and magnetic shielding technology using MU-Metal with a high shielding rate. In addition, the body of the transformer is embedded and perfectly shielded within the large shielded chassis with high electrical conductivity.

In order to attain the highest resolution efficiency and to improve the characteristics, the highly accurate VISHY|S-102K is used for the terminators in the secondary side of the transformer. The terminators are very reliable for all connecting cables used and stable for fluctuation of the load impedance.

The integrally matching RCA connectors made with rhodium plating are mounted on the insulating plate so that a weak signal from MC cartridges shall be protected by this architecture.

Also featuring a floating earth switch on rear panel.


Frequency characteristics: 10Hz to 100kHz ± 0.6dB (3Ω / 47kΩ)
Boost ratio: 26dB Channel balance: Within 0.1dB (1kHz)
Channel separation: 90 dB or more (1 kHz)
Input impedance: 1 to 6 Ω
Load impedance: 47 kΩ or more

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