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Octopus Signature Eight | AG/AU

  • Model: Siltech | Octopus Signature Eight | AG/AU
  • Shipping Weight: 10kg

Siltech Royal Signature Series | Octopus Signature Eight | AG/AU Power Block.

Siltech’s Royal Signature series power block has eight precision AC mains outlets, plus a high current input socket. Superb quality construction and advanced design help to minimise magnetic distortion, for optimum sound. There’s a choice of Euro, UK and US mains sockets, and three different wiring options.

There are three available options:

- Octopus Signature Eight | CU, Pure OFC copper wired;

- Octopus Signature Eight | AG/AU, Pure G7 silver-gold wired;

- Octopus Signature Eight | Double Crown, Pure mono-crystal wired.

Available output options: AC-EUR, C-UK and AC-US:

Connector In: IEC 16A
Connecotr Out: AC EUR, UK or US outlets

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