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AFL Ref 6x EU Sockets + 1x 1.5m Power Cord Black

  • Model: Fisch AFL Ref 6x EU PC Black
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5kg

Fisch AFL Reference 6x EU sockets incl. 1x 1.5m power cord, fixed.

The line filter bar - AFL reference line - an impressive demonstration of the possibilities can be customized with filters and advanced network technology can be achieved. This power strip is quite different from the usual audio-power strips. With this filter bar for the first time a new filter technology was used. This new "on-site" filter technology ensures an unimpeded current flow and the optimum noise suppression. For these powerful and sophisticated technology, a new filter, constructed in its quality adapted housing. The many years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality line filters for audio FISH technique could be implemented without compromise here.

The main filter is completely invisible to the mains frequency, but the high-frequency noise components are effectively suppressed. In order to eliminate any risk of loss of momentum, this was completely new filter and a new manufacturing technology for the - AFL reference line - was developed. Only way to ensure sure that the filter can cause loss of momentum. Also, powerful amplifiers are fully furnished with power loss, the sound is played much freer and more detailed.

Each socket is also provided with a second filter stage. This filter stage adds to interruption in the supply line to the slot and can in principle be a "dynamic brake". These "on-site" filter stage, which is inserted directly to the outlets, has several functions. All outlets have a completely identical filtering. They are thus insulated from each other and of equal importance. The connected devices can not interfere or negatively affect each other even. The sound improvement is reached far beyond the usual measure of a good audio power strip. Even with devices from the absolute top class, which is not really a correction of the reproduction suggested that the gain is immediate and clear.

Like all current-carrying components of the case has been re-designed without compromise to audio technical knowledge. The solid and vibration-optimized design of the case prevented any kind of mechanical vibrations. Thus the high-quality housing contributes to the positive overall results. When processing the highest quality standards were set to the high level of filtering technology are equal. The - AFL reference line - is the best foundation for a smooth and lifelike music reproduction.

Available in black or silver.


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