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AFL 2x EU Sockets + 1.5m Power Cable

  • Model: Fisch AFL 2x EU + PC
  • Shipping Weight: 2kg

Fisch AFL 2x EU sockets incl. 1x 1.5m power cord, fixed.

Was introduced as the first AFL in 1996, we have no idea that this was only the first part of a very successful series. From a "secret tip" for critical and cost-conscious music lovers was one of the leading product lines for network debugging with a unique price-performance ratio.

The filter technology has been refined and developed. Only then was it possible, within a strip to provide slots for different requirements. The aim was to achieve a good noise suppression at the same explosive dynamics. The dynamic losses are often feared by our newly developed, especially for final audio requirements-sized filters of the past.

The AFL is available with 2, 4, 6, 8 EU sockets.

Why is an audio filter strip?
Ideally, in a socket to which an audio device is connected, live with a pure sinusoidal voltage of 230 volts at a frequency of 50 hertz. Unfortunately, this is never the reality. The grid frequency is modulated by many high-frequency glitches or interference. These disturbances move almost unhindered by the power supplies of the devices to the signal path, and there mingle with the music signal. Thus, they produce a sound distortion. You will notice this by a hard and sharp treble. Even the bass response can deteriorate and lose their shape. Overall, there is a lack of peace and music to homogeneity. A normal power strip causes nothing! If any of these faults on your particular day occurs, and in the evening or on weekends will be weaker or even disappeared - it seems likely that in your environment, strong interference is present - and our mains filter strip is a must. The filter strips can be manufactured for most combinations. The slots can be unfiltered, filtered analog, digitally filtered or filtered for his video. By an additional effective decoupling of the individual filter groups together a possible influence of the equipment is reliably prevented.
Any required compilation is available on request. In particular, combinations with unfiltered outlets allow the use of devices with fixed filters in the power strip. These devices are usually filtered through filter strips in supply and respond with sound deterioration. In our audio filter strips is the integration of these electronics with factory-integrated line filter no problem. The whole system can be wired into a power strip. The advantage of a common rail direct with thicker wiring and defined potentials can thus use all the available devices.

Our experiments, measurements and listening tests have shown that each component needs its special and individual filtering. An amplifier requires high current solid but somewhat less potent filter. Especially in the lower frequency range, the components are present in a final stage by transformer and capacitor's already protected design requires fairly decent. For high-frequency interference, however, is the transformer and the capacitor's no obstacle These disturbances penetrate unhindered to delicate electronics and must therefore be filtered out without the dynamic limit. This is achieved by a filter with optimized filter characteristic and very large wire diameters in the filter coil. Our filters are used, a complete self-development and not simply misused industrial filters.

A CD player and an analog stereo equipment require different sized modified filter circuits, which act in a different frequency range. Video sources are also transferred the images to be protected with filters changed. Special emphasis is placed on the attenuation of conducted perturbations of the devices to other devices. A CD player will always be a part of the interference spectrum, he also produced on the power line to return towards the net bar. This interference must be eliminated reliably in order to protect other equipment from its negative impact.

As you can see from these statements, all of these requirements can not be fulfilled with the use of a single line filter. For this one needs the information contained in the AFL different matched filters, each optimized for their activities. Other solutions do not often required for optimal playback quality quality. With the use of your system against all AFL occurring disorders will provide maximum protection.


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