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Speed Box SE II Black

  • Model: Pro-Ject Speed Box SE II Black
  • Shipping Weight: 2kg

The Quartz-controlled oscillator of the Speed Box SE II generates clean AC-power without mains distortion. Power outputs are galvanic decoupled from the input current. Many turntables in the market (including all the Pro-ject models) use AC synchronous motors and the Speed Box SE II can be used for ultimate speed consistency and electronic speed change between 33 and 45rpm. Additionally, speed can be altered in graduated steps on either setting.

Quartz-generated high precision electronic speed regulation

Voltage regulation function

Mains filter

Clean Quartz clock generated sinus wave voltage decoupled from mains interference


Can acts as a power supply for both mains and 16V/AC units

Metal case shields the electronics from vibrational and electromagnetic interference

* Electronic speed change between 33 and 45 r.p.m.

** 78 r.p.m. also possible after fitting accessory pulley

Pitch control

Digital display showing replay speed

All functions microprocessor controlled

Outboard power supply included

Available in silver or black finish

* Following models may not be used with the Speed Box SE II: Pro-Ject 1.2 E, Debut Phono, Debut Phono USB, Debut III E, Debut III/Phono SB, 1Xpression III Comfort, 2Xperience Comfort, RPM 6.1 SB, RPM 6.1 SB SuperPack, RPM 9.1 SuperPack und Xtension

** 78 r.p.m. is not available with the Essential (all models), Debut III E, 2Xperience Comfort, 2Xperience Acryl, 2Xperience Classic, 2Xperience SuperPack, 6perspeX, 6perspeX SuperPack, RPM 1.3 Genie, RPM 9.1, RPM 9.1 SuperPack, RPM 9.1 Acryl, RPM 9.2 Evolution and RPM 10.1 Evolution.


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