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Planar P9 - turntable (without phono cartridge)

  • Model: Rega Planar P9
  • Shipping Weight: 7.9kg

The P9 is, in our opinion, the ultimate performance turntable available to the music-loving public. We designed the P9 with no financial restrictions whatsoever. The ceramic platter alone costs more to produce than our P5 turntable! With the right cartridge, you will be astonished at just how much information this turntable retrieves from your vinyl LP collection.

The plinth is a complex CNC machined skeletal structure encased in highly ridged phenolic resin laminates. The equivalent to the carbon fibre 'monocoque' chassis of the formula one car - an ultra lightweight, ultra rigid foundation for this high performance turntable. The plinth of the new P9 uses a brand new material to hi-fi for the inner skeletal structure. It is an ultra lightweight fibre composite. This results in the plinth being even lighter than the previous Planar 9 and improves the performance.

The main bearing assembly is engineered to extremely tight tolerances. This results in virtually friction free rumble-less performance which, if lubricated correctly, will last your lifetime!

The platter is quite simply the most exotic material we have used to date in our turntable designs. It is made from pure ceramic; a material that you would otherwise find on missile nose cones or maybe insulation tiles found on Nasa's space shuttle. The reason for using such an exotic and difficult to produce material? It is the hardest material known to man apart from diamond!

The P9 carries a decorative surround of exotic solid woods, which you can cleverly interchange if you so wish to give a different appearance.

New technologies in CNC woodworking machinery have allowed Rega to produce its first technologically complex surround. The new P9 surround is considerably more attractive than its predecessor and externally much larger although through clever machining the new surround is lower in mass than the old which gives a performance improvement.

The external power supply unit is a quart crystal locked system. To ensure accurate speed stability of the platter motor, two quartz crystal control reference oscillators have been utilised. This system produces a high frequency (3 MHz for 33 and 4 MHz for 45) signal, which is then divided down to feed generously rated, high current power fet amps.
The output from these is very pure (<0.03 THD, this is a lower value than many power amplifiers output). The beauty of this power supply is that a dual phase is supplied to the motor, the phases of which may be varied in relation to each other. This means that the power supply phases are trimmed to eliminate all vibration from the motor. In turn, this means that there is no need for plinth suspension, which would ordinarily be required to eliminate motor resonance.

Finishes available:

Black, Maple or Cherry


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