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Dark Star Reference TM

  • Model: Transrotor Dark Star Reference TM
  • Shipping Weight: 30kg

Transrotor Dark Star Reference / SME M2 9" tonearm + TR MC Merlo package

Chassis POM black 30mm, platter POM black 60mm carbon-acrylic black, four height-adjustable silicon ring footers, double chassis reference base plate layout Zet-1 + 3 bearing base

Dark Star Reference incl. SME M2 9" tonearm, Transrotor TR MC Merlo cartridge and platterweight POM/brass

Measure approx. w 46 x l 34 x h 35 cm

Weight approx. 30 kg

Available in black finish

Optional upgrade to regulated Konstant Studio or Konstant M-1 Reference power supply

Starting at: €4,649.00

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