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Black Star TMD

  • Model: Transrotor | Black Star TMD
  • Shipping Weight: 37kg

Transrotor | Black Star TMD | Limited Edition.

<<< The Transrotor | Black Star TMD model is limited to only 30 pieces. >>>

The Black Star TMD is a special deep black limited edition turntable from Transrotor and comes as a complete plug-and-play package fitted with the all new Transrotor TRA 9 Black tonearm, Transrotor MC Figaro cartridge, Transrotor Konstant Studio power supply unit and Transrotor Rotor ring stabilizer.

The Black Star TMD is a minimalist turntable purely built for highest sonic performance. The massive base and platter are optimized to minimize resonance. It has a 4kg Transrotor magentic bearing thus magnetic drive. A fit, finish and technology that far surpasses it's price.

TMD, Transrotor magnetic drive system which is a Transrotor original technology. Others are just coming out with copies of this superb technology. But copies are never as good as the original.

The TMD bearing consists of two halves. The lower one is fixed to the axle and driven by the belt. The upper one sits in ball bearings to carry the platter. Coupling between the two halves is magnetic via small embedded but very powerful Neodymium magnets which are properly shielded to prevent exposing the cartridge to their radiated fields. As the motor rotates the lower half, the magnetic field drags the upper half with it. TMD benefits are a quieter, more engaging, more involving and more dynamic sonic performance.

The solid aluminium chassis is CNC cut and deep black anodized, a 60mm / 15kg platter with a black acrylic top surface, 4kg TMD magnetic bearing, double synchronous motor with separate power supply unit completes the Black Star TMD.

Scope of delivery:

- Transrotor Black Star TMD turntable.
- Transrotor TRA 9 Black tonearm.
- Transrotor MC Figaro cartridge.
- Transrotor TMD magnetic bearing.
- Transrotor Platter weight aluminium.
- Transrotor Rotor ring stabilizer.
- Transrotor Konstant Studio PSU.
- Van den Hul | Pure Silver | Stereo 130cm | TAC-5 to RCA or XLR tonearm cable,

Features and specifications:

- Solid aluminium chassis, deep black anodized.
- 60mm / 15kg aluminium platter, black acrylic top surface.
- Double synchronous motor with separate power supply unit.
- Motor without contact to chassis.
- 4kg TMD magnetic bearing.
- Platter weight: Aluminium.
- Dimensions approx. (wxhxd) 46x19x40 cm.
- Weight approx. 37 kg.

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