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Vintage Black

  • Model: Acoustic Solid | Vintage Black
  • Shipping Weight: 15kg

Acoustic Solid | Vintage Black: incl. Acoustic Solid WTB-370 9" tonearm and Nagaoka MP100 cartridge.

Sandwich construction made of aluminum and stainless steel inside with plastodem sound insulation Feet with special dampers F max 400 N.

Comfortable speed change by pressing a button 33.3, 45 rpm Fine adjustment + or - at any time per key press possible.

Ground stainless steel axis cast liner and casted storage bottom Floor steamed again with Teflon disks and decoupled. Special resonance-optimized material with polished ceramic ball

Berger Lahr synchronous motor with belt drive Nylon belt silicone compound
Microprocessor controlled electronics.

Made of solid aluminum 8 kg turntable thickness 40 mm CNC precision turned, hand polished.

Turntable mat, Pad made of genuine leather 5mm plexiglass support
Synchronization: 0.08% (measured with Ortofon measuring computer)
Total weight: 15 kg weight without tonearm
Dimensions: Width 430 mm, Depth 340 mm, Height 160 mm with tonearm

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