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Solid 311 Metal

  • Model: Acoustic Solid | Solid 311 Metal
  • Shipping Weight: 12kg

Acoustic Solid | Solid 311 Metal, Tonearm WTB 370 + Shelter 301 MKII cartridge.

This turntable is brand new. In contrast to the turntables, the control unit and the drive motor are located in one housing. As standard, the turntable includes the MC pickup Shelter 301 MK II. In addition, the turntable is driven by a double pulley and 2 belts.

Acoustically optimized drive shape Base carrier plate 50 mm 180mm and feet made of all aluminium Resonance optimized and decoupled via special Teflon discs and silicone mixture dampers Height adjustment via threaded spikes, decoupled via special felt feet


Platter: 30 mm, 6kg aluminium CNC precision turned and polished by hand
Mat: Natural leather with a 3mm thick acrylic layer
Motor type: Synchronous
Drive: String-drive by a separately housed motor
Control: Microprocessor controlled M2 power supply
Feet: Three individually adjustable spikes
Chassis: 25mm thick aluminium plinth with provision for three tone arm mounting bases
Dimensions: 310mm W x 170mm H x 310mm D
Weight: Approx 12kg

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