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CMB | Ceramic Magnetic Bearing

  • Model: Clearaudio | CMB | Ceramic Magnetic Bearing
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Clearaudio | CMB Ceramic Magnetic Bearing upgrade.

Clearaudio's patented Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB) is the result of long-term research and development.

Two opposing magnetic fields are perfectly aligned one on top of the other, thereby rejecting each other. The magnetic fields are completely shielded from the outside through the careful application of very sophisticated materials. A high precision ceramic vertical shaft fits perfectly into a bronze bearing. This perfect fit is essential and can only be achieved through the highest precision hand polishing.

High-performance synthetic oil is used for lubrication. The combination of these carefully selected components produces the effect of the turntable platter effectively floating on an air cushion, rather than on a ball bearing or bearing point.

The result of this technology? One of the lowest levels of friction in turntable bearing design, previously unreached rumble measurements and an unbeatable new standard in speed accuracy.

The Clearaudio CMB bearing upgrade is available for all Clearaudio turntables and is shipped in a special shielding packaging. A Clearaudio CMB bearing upgrade is purchased as an additional product.

The bearing diameter corresponds with your Clearaudio turntable:

- CMB-1 | 18mm: Clearaudio Emotion.

- CMB-2 | 28mm: Clearaudio Champion, Solution, Champion Level 1, Champion Limited, Emotion SE.

- CMB-3 | 38mm: Clearaudio Ambient, Avantgarde, Performance DC, Innovation Basic.

- CMB-4 | 38mm: Clearaudio Ovation.

- CMB-5 | 68mm: Clearaudio Champion Level II, Master Solution, Maximum Solution, Avantgarde Magnum, Reference, Innovation Compact.

- CMB-6 | 78mm: Clearaudio Champion Level II SME, Anniversary.

- CMB-7 | 78mm: Clearaudio Master Reference.

- CMB-8 | 78mm: Clearaudio Innovation.

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