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Forte-S to Fortissimo-S Upgrade

  • Model: EAT | Forte-S to Fortissimo-S Upgrade
  • Shipping Weight: 20kg

EAT | Forte-S to Fortissimo-S Upgrade.

Complete set by EAT to upgrade your Forte-S to the all new Fortissimo-S.

Contains all new parts to build a Fortissimo-S turntable:

- Platter
- Bearing block
- Bearing shaft

The oversized (400mm/16 in diameter) platter is a two-part construction incorporating both hard and soft alloys and Sorbothane damping to inhibit resonance, while opposed neodymium magnets allow users to tune the bearing load, balancing noise from the main bearing against vertical stability and mechanical grounding. The bearing is an inverted design, mounted in a massive chrome-alloy block designed to provide both stability and energy dissipation.

E.A.T.'s new turntable / bearing combination has a high mass. A 40-pound aluminum housing is covered with a brass top layer that is then covered with a vinyl mat made from recycled LPs that are connected to the copper surface. The outer circumference of the turntable is equipped with copper cylinders, which increases the overall mass, resulting in excellent speed stability.

The solid bearing is specifically designed for this high mass turntable. A nanotechnology coating is used in the bearing, derived from racing engines, which produces the lowest possible coefficient of friction. The dual-engine Fortissimo turntable is ideally suited for this high-mass plateau that delivers an ultra-low wow-and-flutter value and amazing dynamics.

The shaft surface is treated with Movic low-friction coating, a NASA-developed, Graphene-based material that reduces friction levels by a factor of six over the previous version. The shaft itself is tipped with a ceramic ball.

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