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V 9" Gold

  • Model: SME V 9" Gold
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg

High-end SME V 9" Gold tonearm. The classic Series V features a cast magnesium, one piece tonearm tube, supported by ABEC-7 bearings, van den Hul mono crystal silver internal wire, van den Hul 501 tonearm cable, dynamic tracking force, and fluid controlled lateral damping. Adjustable cue height to accomodate different turntable configurations.

•Unique one-piece pressure die-cast tone-arm utilising the advantages of magnesium, replace conventional fabricated construction.
•Internal constrained layer damps minute residual vibration leaving the tone-arm acoustically inert.
•Fine machined cartridge platform, enamel free to avoid interface resonance.
•A Stainless steel cross shaft, ground and thread ground. Carried in massive yoke on 10mm ABEC 7 ball races. Axis at record mean level to minimise warp-wow.
•Dynamic balance graduated vertical tracking force (VTF) control applies 0-3g x 0.125g through resonance controlled spring.
•Unique assembly gives high rigidity and allows bearings to be critically adjusted before tone-arm is fitted.
•Stainless steel vertical shaft, ground and thread ground, with integral 16mm diameter flange to couple shaft and yoke.
•23mm diameter steel pillar, heat treated, ground and honed, carries two 17mm ABEC 7 ball races, widely spaced to resist tilt.
•Anti-skate control operates through tension spring and filament. Dial corresponds with VTF and has positive OFF position.
•Lowering/raising control gives smooth positive action. Height of lift can be adjusted.
•Subsonic lateral mode fluid damper can be instantly adjusted or cancelled.
•Dual-lock base provides movement control with high rigidity.
•Tungsten-alloy balance weight carried on damped two-point suspension. Extra-low inertia design assists warp riding.
•Underslung weight housing corrects centre of gravity and provides non-reflective tone-arm termination. Adjustment leadscrew journalled in twin ball races with lever clamping.
•Swivelling damped output socket minimises vibration transmission in sub-chassis use.
•Fine adjustment of arm height (VTA).
•Reference lines on tone-arm facilitate VTA setting.
•Fine adjustment of horizontal tracking angle (HTA).
•New design alignment protractor sets HTA with greater accuracy.
•Advanced jig/template system guarantees correct positioning.

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