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  • Model: Clearaudio Clarify
  • Shipping Weight: 0.75kg

The innovative Clarify tonearm features friction-free magnetic bearing technology, a micrometer-style adjustable counter weight and an azimuth adjustable headshell, which is especially designed to allow easy and accurate alignment of the phono cartridge.

Clearaudio recommend the Clarify tonearm in combination with the new "Ovation" turntable and any of the clearaudio MC cartridges.

Made in Germany by true expert craftsmen, the latest clearaudio technology and a timeless design combine to ensure truly high-end performance at an unbeatable price.

Construction: Carbon Fiber, friction-free tonearm with magnetic bearing technology micrometer-style precision adjustable counter weight
Cartridge balance range: 2.5 gram 19 gram
Zero points: Inner: 66.0 mm
Outer: 120.9 mm
Audio lead: Clearaudio phono cable 1 m from tonearm:
Cable - capacitance: 136 pF
Cable inductance: 2 H
Cable resistance: 345 Ω
Overhang: 17.31 mm
Overall length: 335 mm
Effective Tone arm length: 9 inches / 239.3 mm
Distance from pivot to stylus: 222 mm
Offset angle: 23.00
Maximum of tilt angle according to the radius:
0.123 /cm
Anti-skating factor at a radius of 62.9 mm and 126.9 mm:
Mounting style: Clearaudio / Linn
Tonearm weight: 320 gram
410 gram (incl. counter weight)


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