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Universal Carbon VTA Lifter 9"

  • Model: Clearaudio Universal Carbon VTA Lifter 9"
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5kg

The radial tonearm "UNIVERSAL" from clearaudio is completing the product-portfolio in the range above 3.000 Euro. The "Universal" tonearm is handcrafted with the highest possible accuracy, but still delivers an unbeatable performance price ratio.
The great advantages of the "Universal Tonearm" are the flexible use of almost any kind of cartridge, the fine adjustment of the Azimuth and the VTA adjustment - even during the playback!
The fine scale, integrated in the counter weight assembly in combination with the detachable headshell, allows an easy and very fast change of various cartridges. In conjunction with the detachable headshell, it allows an easy and very fast change of various cartridges.
Very high precision vertical and horizontal ball bearing units and the use of the light-weight, but extreme stiff material " Carbon" are completing this excellent tonearm.

The beautiful design and the ultra solid construction are defining already a new standard!

Available lengths: 9" 12"

Model: Radial tonearm Radial tonearm
Overhang: 17.3 mm
(0.68 inches) 13 mm
(0.51 inches)
Offset angle: 23.0 17.7
Distance from pivot to
turntable centre: 222.0 mm
(8.7 inches) 295 mm
(11.6 inches)
Effective tonearm length: 239.3 mm
(9.4 inches) 308 mm
(12.1 inches)
Mounting style: Linn

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