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  • Model: Ikeda | IT407-CR-1
  • Shipping Weight: 1.48kg

Ikeda | IT407-CR-1 | 12" dynamic balance type tonearm.

Speaking of Mr. Isamu Ikeda, the dynamic balance type tone arm. The main parts are hybridized, and a spherical center block eliminates external influences.

It has become a product that can bring out the full performance of not only the IKEDA9 series but also various cartridges.


Model: Dynamic balance type tone arm
Total length: 388mm / Effective length: 307mm
Tracking error: + 2 -0 35 '
Weight: 1.48kg
Needle pressure application range: 0-5g (0.5step)
Arm height adjustment range: 20-60mm
Cartridge shell balance: 6-38.5g
Attached head shell IS-2 Chrome (Weight: 17.2g)

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