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  • Model: Dynavector | DV 507 MKII
  • Shipping Weight: 1.38kg

Dynavector | DV 507 MKII | Bi-Axis Inertia Controlled Dynamic Balance Type Tonearm.

The new MKII version of the Dynavector DV 507 tonearm has made its long-awaited debut, building on the strengths of the original DV 507 which has enjoyed the highest reputation among audiophiles world-wide since its appearance in 1984.

As it is a bi-axis inertia controlled tonearm the DV 507, no matter the type of cartridge can trace the music signal grooves cut in the recording with extreme accuracy. The DV 507 also provides superb trackability on warped recordings. Resolution and musical detailing are quite remarkable.

The use of precision stainless steel bearings give superb dynamic sensitivity and a stabilised tracking performance without any deterioration through ageing.

A larger arm lift gives a stable lift action which maintains its performance over long periods enabling cartridges to be raised and lowered without stress.

The new style headshell is suitable for use with a wide variety of cartridges. It is machined from aluminium alloy and has an EIA standard connector. This allows the cartridge to be rigidly mounted and the azimuth adjustment. pure 6N wire is used in lead wires for the headshell and internal wires of the arm.

The use of new type damper with a powerful Neodymium magnet gives better damping and ensures that any adverse effects on tracking performance are minimised.

The use of a new type of plug-in connector ensures that good contact is maintained with the Rhodium coated headshell contact pin during long-term use.

A machined aluminium connector is used. The 5 PIN connector conforms to the DIN standard. Double balanced type shield wire and 4NOFC/6N hybrid construction arm cable.


Electro Magnetic Damping System for accurate tracking
Arm Lift provided
Easy Height Adjustment
Dynamic Balance Tracking Force Adjuster
Dynamic Damper installed in sub arm


Type: Bi-Axis inertia controlled Dynamic and Eddy Current Damping Dynamic Balance type tone arm
Overall length: 306mm. With head shell: max 326 mm
Effective length: 241mm (i.e. tonearm pivot point to cartridge stylus point)
Overhang: 15mm
Offset angle: 21.5 degree
Height: 59mm lifts up to 92mm
Height adjustment range: 39mm-72mm at sub arm center
Depth: 36mm without connecting cable
Optimum cartridge weight: 15-35 g, including headshell
Horizontal tracking angle error: -1.1 degree - +2.2 degree , 0 degree at inner band of record, 2.2 degree at outside
Tracking force adjustment range: 0-38 g by 0.2 g step
Sensitivity: Horizontal: less than 50 mgrams, Vertical: less than 40 mgrams
Net weight: 1,380 g
Output connection: 5P connector
Headshell connection: EIA standards 4 Pin connector

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