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Voyage i20

  • Model: Creek | Voyage i20
  • Shipping Weight: 9kg

Creek | Voyage i20 | Integrated Amplifier + DAC.

The Voyage i20 combines an analogue pre-amplifier and digital to analogue converter with a power amplifier, powered by a unique stabilised power supply, housed in a slim and attractive case.

In producing the Voyage i20 integrated amplifier, Creek’s engineers have combined several advanced techniques to achieve a hugely impressive powerhouse of an amplifier in a deceptively small case.

The Voyage i20’s intuitive user interface is easily navigated via its large OLED display. Its sophisticated menu system is navigated either by remote control or rotary control knobs.

The Voyage i20’s intuitive user interface is easily navigated via its large OLED display. Its sophisticated menu system is navigated either by remote control or rotary control knobs.

The Voyage i20’ integrated pre-amplifier is extremely flexible, boasting ten analogue and digital inputs. Analogue signal sources may be input via three pairs of RCA sockets or one pair of fully balanced XLR sockets. Gold-contact relays direct input signals to a state-of-the-art MUSES electronic volume and balance control circuit. The MUSES’ resistor-ladder attenuator enables precise adjustment over an 80dB range, in 1dB steps, with extremely low distortion. The Voyage i20’s pre-amplifier circuit is normally set for unity (0dB) gain but, if required, each input can individually amplify the input signal, in 3dB steps, up to +12dB max. Each input can also be set to bypass the pre-amp and volume control. This user-selectable DIRECT mode allows the i20 to be used as a power amplifier with four inputs, or a combination to suit individual needs.

Line input 1 can be enhanced with an optional plug-in Sequel mk4 Phono Pre-amp, to provide for Moving Magnet or high-output Moving Coil vinyl record reproduction. The Sequel is selectable for 40 or 50dB gain, 100pF or 200pF capacitance and IEC filtering, to reduce disc warp frequencies.

To ensure compatibility with a wide variety of headphones, the Voyage i20 uses a dedicated headphone amplifier fed from the pre-amplifier’s output. The high-current amplifier is capable of driving headphones loads specified from 8 to 300 Ohm, with no added noise or loss of fidelity.
DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter)

The Voyage i20 incorporates a cutting-edge DAC circuit with multiple inputs for USB, SPDIF, optical, USB and Bluetooth.

Its USB Class 2 digital input provides bit-perfect audio streaming potential. The multi-core XMOS streaming controller can handle a wide range of high-resolution PCM and DSD signal sources, up to 32-bit 768 kHz – PCM, and 22.4 MHz – DSD. To further enhance performance, the Voyage i20 integrated preamplifier’s USB circuitry is galvanically isolated from its DAC to eliminate ground loops or interference polluting the signal path.

In addition to USB, the Voyage i20 supports 24/192 SPDIF signals via 2 co-axial and 2 TOSLINK inputs, for connection to television sound, CD Players, streamers, and other digital sources.


- Power output @ 1% THD
>480W into 2 Ohms, one ch driven
>240W into 4 Ohms, both ch driven
>120W into 8 Ohms, both ch driven (31V RMS)

- Continuous max output current>10A (sine wave)
- Peak output: +/-26 Amps, burst into 0.5 Ohm load
- THD+N: <0.002% - 20Hz-kHz @ 2/3 rated, 8O
- Signal to Noise Ratio: 102dBA Line input
- Frequency Response: 1Hz to 100 kHz, +/-2dB
- Power amp gain: 33.4dB (x 47) un-balanced
- Pre-amp analogue gain: 0dB, 3dB, 6dB, 9dB, 12dB

- Input: 645mV for max power out, 0dB pre-amp gain
- Crosstalk>80dB at 1 kHz
- DC offset< +/-5mV
- Pre-Amp In: 4 x RCA (un-bal), 1 x XLR (bal)
- Pre-amp output1 x RCA (unbalanced)
- Plug-in Phono In: 1 changes to Phono
- Sequel mk4 MM Phono fitted

Digital inputs:

- 2 x SPDIF Co-Axial – (192kHz 24 bit)
- 2 x TOSLINK optical – (192kHz -24 bit)
- USB class 2 audio - PCM 768kHz, 32-bit
- DSD 22.4MHz
- Bluetooth – aptX HD

- DAC: Delta Sigma PCM 768kHz, 32-bit, DSD 22.4MHz
- IR BUS: Joins external IR sensor, daisy chain to another device
- Loudspeaker Out: Binding posts - 4mm rear and side entry plus spade lug
- Headphone Output (on front panel) 6.3mm jack socket (8 – 600 Ohms)
- Speaker output impedance: <0.02 Ohms
- 20Hz to 20 kHz (Damping factor >400)
- Mains voltage range: 230V nominal
- Working range - 170V - 265V AC - 50Hz, 115V nominal.
- Working range - 85V - 140V AC - 60Hz
- Factory set, 230V or 115V, not user adjustable

- Finish: Silver or Black front panel
- Power (Idle, Max, Standby) <20W / 600W / 0.5W
- Auto Standby: 30 mins - no signal. User adjustable
- Weight: 9kgs (20 lbs)
- Dimensions (WHD) 43 x 8 x 35 cm

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