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SDA 2175 Black

  • Model: Lyngdorf SDA 2175 Black
  • Shipping Weight: 13kg

The SDA 2175 is a high-performance power amplifier designed without compromise. It can act as a controllable amplifier in Lyngdorf systems or as a power amplifier for conventional pre-amplifiers.

The SDA 2175 is not your regular class D power amplifier. The output stage uses Pulse Width Modulation with a patented switch speed optimization technology. This ensures a low and linear natural distortion, and an unmatchable performance is achieved by using less feedback compared to typical Class D amplifiers.
And the fully balanced signal path all the way through the amplifier to the PWM conversion stage guarantees a remarkable performance with a signal-to-noise ratio superior to any other Class D amplifier in the market!

Careful and sensitive design touches can be seen throughout the amplifier: it starts at the mains input with a low-noise Holmgren toroidal transformer with power supply feed-forward compensation, suppressing the variations in the output rather than relying on feedback-based error correction normally used. This feed-forward technique originates from the design of the Millennium - the Lyngdorf state-of-the-art true digital amplifier.

In the critical output stage only the highest quality components have been used, e.g. polypropylene capacitors and linear ferrite material in the output filter. Combined with other techniques this results in low and frequency-independent distortion. Consequently wideband musical instruments can be re-played without any added harmonics - any source will be recreated to sound the way it was recorded.

Output power, 4 ohms 2 x 375 Watt 1KHz, 0.1% THD+N
Output power, 8 ohms 2 x 200 Watt 1KHz, 0.1% THD+N
Nominal load impedance 4 - 8 Ohms

Frequency response 0.3Hz-33KHz -3dB points, 8ohms load.
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz -0dB/+0.2dB, 8ohms load
Output impedance 0.035 Ohms 20Hz-1KHz
Output impedance 0.4 Ohms 20KHz
THD+N 0.004% @1W/8 ohms A-wgt.
THD+N 0.006% @1 W/4 ohms A-wgt.
THD+N 0.01% @100 W/8 ohms A-wgt.
THD+N 0.07% @300 W/4 ohms A-wgt.
S/N ratio 117dB A-wgt. Ref. 200 /8 ohms
Dynamic range
A-wgt. Ref. 200 W/8 ohms
Channel separation 84 dB 1 KHz, 200 W/8 ohms
Peak output current +/-40A
Mains voltage range 100-120V AC, 50-60Hz 115 V version
Mains voltage range 200-240V AC, 50-60Hz 230 V version
Power consumption 1.5 W Standby mode
Power consumption 35 W Operate mode, no output
Power consumption 116 W 2 x 37.5 W / 4 Ohms
Power consumption 820 W 2 x 300 W / 4 Ohms
Width 450 mm / 17.72in
Depth 355 mm / 13.98in Incl. loudspeaker connectors
Height 100 mm / 3.94in Including feet


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