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  • Model: NAD M2
  • Shipping Weight: 20.2kg

The NAD M2 Direct Digital Amplifier represents a new level of amplifier performance. Combining the ultra low distortion and noise levels of the finest linear Class A and Class AB amplifiers with the efficiency and streamlined signal path of the digital amplifier, the M2 is the first implementation of a new amplifier technology called Direct Digital Feedback. Co-developed with UK based Diodes Zetex Semiconductor, and using a unique implementation of their patented DDFA architecture, the M2 redefines what is possible with digital amplifier technology.

The M2 Direct Digital Amplifier represents the culmination of a decade long NAD research project, capped by three years of intense development. The result fully justifies the investment. We believe that the M2 sets new benchmarks for both measured performance and subjective musical quality.

M2 Direct Digital Amplifier Features
•Direct Digital Amplifier
•2 X 250W Continuous Power at 8 and 4 Ohms
•>500W IHF Dynamic Power
•<0.004% THD 20Hz – 20kHz from 500mW to 250W
•>120dB Dynamic Range
•40uV Residual Noise
•>2000 Damping Factor at 50Hz +0/-0.5dB Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz, -3dB >85kHz
•Channel Separation >90dB @ 1kHz, 80dB @ 10kHz
•Digital PowerDrive
•Digital Soft Clipping (switchable)
•5 Position Digital Impedance Compensation Filter

Analogue-to-Digital Conversion
•A/D Conversion for Analogue Inputs
•Multi-bit Delta/Sigma 24/216kHz
•0.0004% THD
•Sample rate 32kHz - 192kHz
•124dB S/N Ratio
•High Resolution 120dB Digital Attenuator

Ins and Outs
•Inputs Digital SPDIF: AES/EBU, Coaxial X 2, Optical X 2
•Inputs Analogue: Balanced, Single Ended
•Processor Loop: SPDIF Optical (Mac PC compatible) out/in
•2 Sets of Speaker Binding Posts to facilitate Bi-wiring
•Remote Control

Control Options
•RS-232 serial data port
•IR Input
•12V Trigger Input and Output
•<1W Standby Consumption
•90% Amplifier Efficiency


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